“You Dont Need Epic landscapes to Take Epic Pictures” Compsition Basics | File Size  324.5 MB| Free download

“I need a better camera, then my photos will be next level” and “if only I could travel around the world,oh well”………….

I think were all guilty of these thoughts passing through our haed every once in a while. The truth is, better gear or epic landscapes, will not make you a better photographer. Photographic mastery can only be acheived by learning and practicing the skills necessary to taking better pictures.

In this class I will be teaching composition, one of the most important, if not the most important skill to have as a photographer. Good compositional skills will give you the ability to capture the world around you in the most effective and powerful manner, allowing your subjects to really shine!

The class project, which is, choosing a subject then using your new found knowledge to capture a well composed scene, will allow you to put the course into action and reaffirm what youve learnt.

This class is geared towards beginners, no prior knowledge or experience needed. All you need is a camera, any camera (it has to turn on) and the will to grow as a visual artist!


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Course content: https://skl.sh/2T8buGa

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