Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte — Yellow Brick Road — Free download

Bringing You A Flood Of Quality Appointments Non-Stop!

This entire ‘Fast Agency Model’ has the real potential to meet ANY consultant’s income goals. (We promise, it’s not the ‘same old-same old’.)

Building An Ethical Business That Helps Others And Yourself is what we strive for… Being in a business you can be proud to tell others about, not embarrassed by… isn’t that what YOU want?

When you follow our Fast Agency Model your lead generation effort is outsourced…and on top of that, it can be almost entirely automated.

To succeed, lead generation/appointment setting can’t be an on-again-off-again affair. CONSISTENCY COUNTS!

Most consultants fail to be consistent with appointment outreach because the whole process is distasteful enough, they avoid it completely!

They will almost do anything else to avoid it. ANYTHING ELSE.

Following our step by step process you’ll see how to outsource 85% of the work to well selected, well-trained, highly motivated, highly skilled freelancer contractors.

Imagine all this while investing as little at $25 a week plus a monthly performance bonus.

Our process turns an uncomfortable ordeal into a well-tuned machine that produces bookings from ideal new clients while you sleep!

Then all you have to do is what you do best… deliver value once they become your clients.

Now’s the time to outsource the lead generation work you don’t want to do, (but know must be done).

This way, you’ll be happier and more fulfilled than ever! You’ll be doing the tasks you were born to do and leaving the grunt work to others.


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Course Content:

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