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A client contacted me and wanted to have a minimalistic, clean, and sophisticated animation for his luxury type of brand and logo. We discussed the project together and came up with a couple of ideas for the animation itself.

With this class, I would like to teach you Logo animation in After Effects and the entire process of working with a client – from brief to finished and polished logo animation.

I want this class to be more than just animation in After Effects, I want to give you context, backstory and principles you can apply to your own real-life projects so you can feel more secure and sure about your motion graphics skills and knowledge. After this class, you will be more confident with custom logo animation for your personal projects, brands or clients!

Before we start the animation process I will walk you through:

– The brief and discussion with the client

– Gathering information from the Logo

– Animation principles

– How to make a storyboard for the animation

Once we gather all the above information, we will start the animation process:

– I will walk you through each single step

– We will use a camera

– I will teach you how to use an Overshoot (and bounce) script

– How to use Hold Keyframes

– How to build up scenes from existing animations

– …and many more useful After Effects tips!

This is approximately the animation we are going to prepare (and that I did for the client), so a couple of cool techniques will be implemented:

We will use After Effects CC2021 within the class itself, but any version from CS6 will work for this type of design.

I hope we will start together soon, enroll the class and start watching and working with me!

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Course Content:

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