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The Origins Of, and Reasons Behind, Music Harmony

What you’ll learn

  • The origins of, and the reasons behind, music harmony.
  • How sound works.
  • Where music harmony comes from.
  • Why we have chords.
  • Why we have keys.
  • Why we have major and minor keys.
  • Why we have scales.
  • Why we have major and minor scales.
  • Why there is more than one type of minor scale.
  • Why there are only 7 notes in a scale.
  • Why there are only 12 different notes in total.
  • Why some chords go together better than others.
  • Why rhythm works.
  • A bit about monkeys.


  • No real previous musical experience is necessary but it would be helpful if you had an elementary knowledge of music notation. (But don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you don’t because I provide a set of slides on music notation at the beginning anyway).

A series of videos on music harmony, but with a difference, delving into the reasons behind Western music harmony – why we have keys,  why are there major and minor keys, why there are only twelve of each, why we have scales, why do we have seven notes in the major or minor scale, why is there more than one type of minor scale, why do some notes go better together than others, why do some chords go better together than others, why rhythm works . . .. and much more. Suitable for music students of all levels.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is suitable for beginners, intermediate and experienced musicians alike.


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Course content: https://www.udemy.com/course/why-music-works/

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