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Scott Kelby has taught a number of courses on lighting for our KelbyOne members. This is a special class dedicated to the use and best practice cases for The Learning Light with Westscott. In this course, you’ll cover topics such as diffused vs. hard lighting, how to use lighting patterns and Gobos, how to set up for split lighting, as well as broad and short lighting styles.

This is your chance to practice your lighting skills right alongside Scott. Unpack, set up your gear, and let’s go!

Class Outline

  1. Learning Light
  2. How the Light Works
  3. Split Lighting
  4. Diffused Lighting
  5. Diffused Lighting Exercise
  6. Lighting Patterns
  7. Broad and Short Styles
  8. Frensel Light
  9. Lighting in Gobos
  10. Color Temperature


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Course content: