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Wedding photography is a unique genre that can sometimes be intimidating to photographers starting out. What equipment do I use? How do I attract clients? How do I make my images stand out in a crowded market? How do I capture the emotions of this special occasion?

Caroline Tran, Vanessa Joy and Davina and Daniel Kudish all run successful wedding businesses, and each one brings a unique approach to CreativeLive to help you overcome the obstacles and create a thriving business of your own.

  • Caroline Tran will show you how to use lighting and posing to establish not only an emotional connection with your clients, but also define your brand.
  • Running a successful wedding business requires a strong knowledge of marketing, social media, workflow and pricing and Vanessa Joy will share her formula for success.
  • Davina and Daniel Kudish personalize the weddings that they shoot by capturing the stories that reflect the love story of the wedding. In this two day class, they’ll share with you their tips for great composition and framing, how to shoot a variety of images, creating an album and presenting image to your clients that they will cherish.

Whether you’re a new wedding photographer or a photographer who has a business but wants to expand it, these classes will give you the confidence to move forward and create the business you’ve always wanted.


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styling star

part 1 is missing.. part 4 is uploaded twice.. please check

Course Digger

Thanks for your report. We are fixing the problem.