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With the sprouting of spring, engagement sessions have been in full swing! I love it because I have the chance to connect with my clients on a personal level before the wedding day and understand what makes their love special.

Over the years shooting engagement sessions has become easier in part of preparing my clients for a successful shoot. Clients sometimes showed up late, or got lost, or had distracting patterns on their clothes. I realized I had to outline how a great shoot came to life, as well as outline a list of tips. You can find a copy of this Engagement Session Preparation Email HERE, but I want to take this idea even further.

This Monday I’ll be shooting the engagement session for The Knot Dream Wedding couple in Los Angeles and–after I sent the bride, Samantha, the prep email–she responded by asking if there was a certain location she should choose for their session. This was my response…

The only ‘rules’ for choosing an engagement session location are:
1.  You should feel at home.
2.  You should be able to freely express affection and emotion.
3.  You should at full liberty to have FUN.
4.  You should feel beautiful.


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