Watch me edit 5 – MONICA LAZĂR – High End Retouching | File size 193.85 MB | Free download

Watch me edit 5 video is an easy to follow silent editing tutorial. There is no sound, but you will be able to watch the process and follow written instructions.

The file you will purchase includes 1h video + Actions I used to make this image + the Sooc file for you to be able to reproduce the workflow




Monica Lazar – Watch Me Edit 05.torrent   (download)
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Monica Lazar – Watch Me Edit   (download)
193.85 MB

Course content:

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file is missing

Course Digger

Would you clear which files are missing?

alfredo calvo

Why if I paid via PayPal can’t download anything and less to login?

Course Digger

There is no limitation on paid user. What are your exact problems?


The file is removed

Course Digger

Direct download will be shared soon enough 🙂