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Wardrobe: Build / Style / Educate / Hack

I built a million dollar business without one article of clothing. The greatest lesson I learned was coaching clients what to bring, rent, or buy. Now everything has changed. Clothes are so cheap.

I bought 43 dresses at an average price of $21 each, and in this class we are going to see how they wear and photograph. We are going to create a wardrobe style guide.

I made you a checklist WITH SCRIPTS for the consultation.

1. Why?
2. How?
3. Who with?
4. How much!
5. Products:
6. How to prepare
7. Five outfits. (I have 43 to show you)
8. Choosing clothes?
9. WHEN shall we book you in?
10. Thank you. Further contact. Take sitting fee, session fee, retainer.

This is where you connect, educate, and win that booking over. Check it off, make sure they’re engaged, excited, and bringing the right clothes.

Join me and let’s build a wardrobe style guide.


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