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How to tell compelling stories in Virtual & Augmented Reality

What you’ll learn

  • How to tell stories in Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • New Marketing Techniques
  • The benefits of utilizing these new technologies in your marketing plan
  • Why incorporate VR/AR into a digital marketing strategy
  • Basic scripting and storyboarding for immersive experinces
  • Elements to help guide your users through VR stories
  • How to create exciting ideas for VR experiences
  • Creating the appropriate type of experience for your target audience
  • How VR compares to other marketing/storytelling mediums
  • None, you can take this course with no previous knowledge!
  • It can be helpful to have tried Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality before

As marketers, creatives, business owners, and entrepreneurs, we know the importance of telling stories that are impactful and engage potential customer’s emotions. Imagine being able to engage your audience on a dramatically deeper level.  Imagine being able to bring your potential customers into an experience rather than passive content. With Virtual and Augmented Reality this is possible!

At this point, you are probably aware of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies and their dramatic rise in popularity and adoption. However, you may feel unsure of where your place is in all of it.

If you are not on the ‘techie’ side of things, how do you cross over your knowledge about marketing and storytelling to the new medium of immersive technology? This class will help you navigate your way through this question. The truth is skilled storytellers and marketers are VITAL to the success of any VR/AR project.

Key Concepts We Will Explore in This Class:

  • The difference between immersive storytelling and traditional media like film, print, and 2D gaming
  • The power and potential to immerse users in experiences like never before
  • How to tell the right stories for this medium
  • How to properly storyboard and script for immersive experiences
  • What key elements you can use to guide user focus within VR
  • How the ‘hero’s journey’ applies to immersive storytelling
  • And so much more

This class will give you specific examples, case studies, and assignments to guide you on your way and help you become an immersive tech marketing pro!

Please note that this class is NOT for those looking to learn VR/AR development. We will cover a lot of information on storytelling and marketing theory for immersive experiences but if you are looking to learn development (how to make VR/AR experiences in Unity or other development platforms) there are lots of other great courses out there for that!

Who this course is for:

  • Marketers curious about Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Marketers wanting a better understanding of how to make good VR/AR experinces
  • Those curious about storytelling in AR/VR
  • Those curious about Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Content Creators looking for new ways to distribute content
  • Companies in need of new marketing strategies
  • Marketers looking to engage their customers better
  • Entrepreneurs
  • CMO & CEO’s
  • Creative Directors
  • Marketers

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Course content:

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