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What you’ll learn

  • You will know how to make videos that will entertain, inspire and even teach an audience.
  • You will be qualified to shoot event videos like weddings, and produce enjoyable and entertaining, professional looking content.
  • You will know how to be an entertainer.
  • You will know how to tell a story, using basic video equipment, on any video platform such as YouTube or Vimeo.


  • Any kind of camera that can shoot video. It doesn’t matter what. And you’ll need a microphone.
  • A computer or laptop for video editing. It can’t be really old, but also doesn’t need to be fancy and expensive.
  • Hopefully you have a desire to captivate an audience with your video storytelling skills.
  • You should be able to use a PC or Apple Mac at a basic level.

Do you want to be a filmmaker? Most video courses focus on teaching how to get better footage. And that’s a good first step. But this course will do far more. Because only if great footage is created and woven does it make a great story.

I’m a TV producer, director and editor. My shows have been on major networks in many countries. I’ve been doing this for 38 years. And no matter where your videos will be displayed, you need to know the content of this course. Most of it you will not find in any other course, mainly because I think most video instructors don’t appreciate just how important it is.

So, if you wish to entertain an audience, which means, have them enjoy your videos and look forward to more, good storytelling is the key. The best footage in the world is just not enough unless its crafted into a tight and engaging story. And capturing footage suitable for telling a story is what you will learn here. It begins before the shoot, continues during the shoot and on well into the editing room. Let’s begin . . .

You’ll learn these things:

  • Different cameras and what makes them different.
  • Good videography is less about fancy expensive equipment and more about telling a story.
  • How to determine what kind of videos you want to make, and what equipment is needed.
  • Camera equipment is the great temptation. How to avoid spending on things that are promoted as needed, when all they do is briefly satisfy the ego.
  • How to shoot a scene to tell a story. Shooting is not just about ‘getting great footage’. It’s about capturing elements to tell a story during the shoot.
  • Learn the mind space one should use to tell a story as its being shot. This is necessary because creating a story after the footage is shot, sets one up for failure in the edit.
  • Why should shooting and editing not be regarded as seperate processes.
  • Pans, zooms, top-shots, eye-lines, white-balance, B-roll and more. Not only how to get them right, but why they work in a story. Your footage will look like a pro’s shot it. And when you begin your edit, you’ll love me for it!
  • For example, I’ll not only tell you what a pan is, how to shoot a smooth one, but more importantly, why would a pan work in a story.  Nobody ever teaches this stuff!
  • B-roll footage? Techniques for extreme efficiency in footage gathering.
  • Audio.  Techniques for extreme efficiency in audio content gathering.
  • Editing software choices and links to free edit software that is, surprisingly, absolutely brilliant. It’s also free, and I still use it. Wow!
  • Editing techniques. I’ll teach some simple rules that’ll turn your audience’s heads.
  • Editing can be intimidating, because in many ways, its the most difficult part. But it’s actually quite easy as long as the footage gathered is done with the story in mind. I’ll teach you how this is done.
  • How to avoid the amateur traps; the shooting and editing techniques that might look cool, but actually shout ‘beginner here!’.
  • Look like a pro right from the start!
  • Music and how to find it, know its right, and use it properly.
  • And a lot more.

Who this course is for:

  • For anyone who wants to shoot videos, but has some, a little or no previous experience.
  • For anyone who wants to start, or has just started a YouTube channel.
  • For anyone who has been shooting video for a while, but has not learnt how to create and tell stories.
  • Many experienced videographers will learn something here, which will probably be the creative elements taught in this course
  • For anyone who has experience shooting still photos, but wants to move into making videos. You will love this course!


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Course Content:

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Unfortunately, some folders are empty. The first 4 courses are blank folder; only last 2 courses are available.

Course Digger

We will take a look.


Let me help you more and tell you the missing parts.
There are 6 folders

  1. What videos do you want to make – Empty, there is no video in the folder.
  2. Equipment – Empty, there is no video in the folder.
  3. Shooting – Empty, there is no video in the folder.
  4. Being Creative – Empty, there is no video in the folder.
  5. Shooting for the Story – There are normally 7 videos but the first video is missing (1. Constructing a Story in camera. Example 1). The rest is OK.
  6. Editing. Telling the Story – Completely fine, 10/10 videos.
Last edited 4 months ago by firstborn
Course Digger

We did fix the problem. Would you check and revert back to this topic again?


Hey guys, I’m sorry or late notice. I have downloaded the set and it’s great job what you have done. You are missing one video in the ”4. Being Creative” part that is the lesson of ”Time Lapses”. And there is a new update called ”Conclusions and final examples” with 2 video in the end of the course, that’s also missing. But I guess they are new updates. You also have some videos that original course does not have anymore. For me, this is already perfect job what you did but if you want to add the videos that I… Read more »