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Start professional video editing in teams and learn how to create shared storage over network and adapt your workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro.

We at Cinecom work with 4 video editors, often times at the same film project. Our 5+ years of experience in setting up a fast and reliable infrastructure have been curated in this class.

Who’s this class for?

Although this class is focused at small teams, it’s highly recommended at solo editors as well. This class is for any video editor who works as a professional as it covers fundamental organization techniques and reliable network solutions.

Class Objectives

There’re 2 parts in this class. In the first part you’ll learn about infrastructure and setting up a shared storage over network. In the second part we’ll cover various organization and workflow techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • Setting up a Shared Folder over Network
  • Installing a NAS and give different permissions to the editors in your team
  • How to get better network performance
  • Starting a production in Premiere Pro
  • Workflow techniques in Premiere Pro
  • Organization techniques in Premiere Pro

Final Result

By the end of the class you can adapt your own network and install a NAS to edit from without the need of an IT company. You are able to edit more efficiently and organized in Adobe Premiere Pro by utilizing dedicated features.


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Course content:


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