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Electronic drumming has evolved so much since their introduction in the ’70s. Electronic drums are now very common, both live and in the studio. Compared to acoustic drum kits, electronic kits are lighter, more portable, easier to set up… and they offer infinite sound possibilities! In this course, trainer Matt Vanacoro covers different techniques and workflows you can use to make these electronic instruments feel and sound exactly the way you want to.

Matt starts by covering a crucial (but often neglected) aspect of using a drum kit: how to place and set up the kit. You learn to connect the different pieces of your drum kit, and the importance of choosing the right beater and sticks for your kit. From there, Matt dives into navigating the drum module. He shows you how to create personalized kits by customizing the sounds, using effects, adjusting the trigger zones, using your own samples, and more. Connecting your drum kit with a computer, with third-party software such as Logic Pro X and Superior Drummer is also covered.

So grab your sticks and enjoy this 20-tutorial course by trainer Matt Vanacoro, and get the most out of your electronic drum instrument!


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Course content: https://www.macprovideo.com/course/v-drums-explained-and-explored

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