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Using the Para 222 for Portraiture

The Para 222 is one of Karl’s favourite modifiers, and in this portrait photography class you’ll see exactly why.

Karl uses two different lighting setups for this class, demonstrating the versatility of this popular modifier. You’ll see how you can achieve completely different results with just small adjustments and why the shape and reflective properties of parabolic lighting modifiers allows the user such a great degree of control.

In this portrait photography class we cover the following:

  • Portrait photography — Tips for portrait photography
  • Lighting modifiers for studio photography — How to use a Para 222
  • Two light setup for portraiture
  • Three light setup for portraiture
  • How to add a hair light for portrait photography

To learn more about parabolic lighting watch our “Understanding Parabolic Lighting” live show, where Karl explains the science behind these popular modifiers and how to use them.

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