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For those of you who shoot on-location instead of in a studio, Sue wanted to show you that you really don’t need a lot to make an on-location shoot work beautifully.

For this photo shoot of Caitie, Sue walked around a neighborhood and found different spots that worked really well. They were nothing fancy at all — a cement wall, in the middle of the street, a big flower bush, and some ivy.

All you need for a shoot like this is some sort of scrim, if it is sunny, and a reflector. If there isn’t any wind, you can have someone use a piece of cardboard as a fan for movement in the hair.

The scrim in these videos cost around $400, but you can make one really easily for around $50.
All you need is a backdrop stand and some sheer curtains or a large piece of sheer fabric to clip to the stand. The hardest part is getting TWO assistants to hold them.

This type of shoot is diversity for your folio, a great challenge, and Sue challenges you to go do it.

You can use a scrim to create the backlight that you see Sue do in her studio. You can use a scrim virtually anywhere to create this light!

Again, all Sue did was walk around the neighborhood and these backdrops cost nothing! Don’t be afraid to shoot outside. All you need is to look for the good light and have that reflector and scrim ready.


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