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About This Class

This is a course for those who wish to understand how to safely and most creatively explore:

  • Underwater performance, modeling & mermaid-ing;
  • Designing underwater photography concepts.

Whether you’re a mermaid performer, a studio photographer, model or just booked your first underwater shoot and want to look great in your photos, this course show you how to create and perform underwater.

As an underwater performer and art director, for the past 3 years, my work has embodied the idea that ocean conservation is a human issue. My ARTivism campaigns have been featured by National Geographic, KQED, FStoppers and more.

This eCourse is the synthesis of everything I know now and wished I’d known when I was first starting out.

I would love for you to come with me to through my underwater photography process. Learn how I message for conservation campaigns and conceptualize for underwater shoots.

You’ll also learn my 3 step underwater performance framework of ‘Center,’ ‘Surrender’ and ‘Flow,’ that will allow you to access deep meditative flow states through underwater movement.

If you have a message, a story to tell, then come dive in with me to the realm of creating ethereal otherworldly art through underwater imagery.


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Course content: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Underwater-Modeling-Photography-Concept-Design/1862943930

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