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Complete ear training & pitch recognition course for the guitar. Identify 12 pitches by ear. Ear training for guitar.

What you’ll learn

  • Master relative pitch!
  • Hear & identify all musical pitches by ear.
  • Learn how to use intervals.
  • Play ear training games!
  • Learn several pitch association techniques.
  • Refresh your chromatic & major scales.
  • Listen & play guitar with your pitch recognition skills!


  • This course is for everyone – from complete beginners to advanced guitarists.
  • You only need a guitar – any kind of guitar with six strings.
  • We will start at the very beginning.


Welcome to Ear Training for the Curious Guitarist.  This is the ultimate ear training course to teach you how to properly identify any relative note, interval, or pitch on the guitar.  Ear training is an extremely valuable skill that’s taught in every university music program, but is seldom taught outside of that.

In this course, we’ll learn the techniques of relative pitch ear training to hear & play music, especially guitar, without needing to see or touch – only listening.  Ear training & relative pitch recognition is a skill that every person can easily learn and every master guitarist uses constantly.

Any kind of six string guitar will work well for this course – electric, acoustic, or classical.

Every lesson video has a PDF attachment in the “additional resources” tab.  These PDFs are the guitar tabs and ear training lessons.

Our course has one section:  Ear Training.  In this section, we’ll begin with refresher lessons on the chromatic & major scales as well as intervals, leading us to the pitch recognition game.  I’ll play this game a few times, explaining as we go, and continue on to give you all the tools & associations to help you identify all 12 intervals by ear in every key.

This course is designed for the beginner guitar student as well as the advanced guitarist.  Every level of player can learn ear training & relative pitch recognition.  Every guitarist would greatly benefit from having this skill.

This course is easy, fun, and extremely important in your musical development.  Let’s get started.

Who this course is for

  • Every guitar player should take this course.
  • Guitarists who want to learn pitch recognition.
  • Guitar players who want to improve their musical hearing.
  • Guitarists who want to understand ear training.
  • Beginner & intermediate & advanced guitar players.


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Course content: https://www.udemy.com/ear-training-for-the-curious-guitarist/

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