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Seeing. Shooting. Lighting. Editing.

Join us for an in-depth series of five online workshops, where we’ll take you behind-the-scenes – and inside our brains – to show you how we see, shoot, light, and edit.

  • We’ll show you, not only how to make killer compositions; not only how to make awesome light; not only how to capture real moments – but how to achieve all three together.
  • We’ll show you; not only new ways to shoot and light your weddings – but new ways to see and imagine the worldNot only how we do what we do – but why.
  • We’ll show you our Two Mann Toolbox – the strategic photography, lighting, and post-production techniques we use to achieve captivating photographs in challenging situations.
  • We’ll reverse-engineer all kinds of our images; breaking down everything from the vision, to the gear, to the settings, to the execution, to the lighting, to the post-production, to the hilarious behind-the-scenes stories.
  • We’ll deconstruct silhouettes, shoot-throughs, shadow-propulsions, bokeh-panoramas, trippy reflections, and how/when/where/why to use them for maximum impact – even at boring weddings and shitty locations.
  • Finally, we’ll lift up the veil on our editing process and show you how to bring your work to life with post-production magic. You’ll get to see many of our before-and-afters, and how we pull insane potential out of photos so bad, you probably would have deleted them.

From our approach, to our shooting, to our posing, to our lighting, to our editing – TWO MANN DECONSTRUCTED will be an honest, unfiltered look at how the Two Mann sausage is made.


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Two-Mann-Studios-Class.part06.rar  (4.00 GB)
Two-Mann-Studios-Class.part07.rar  (4.00 GB)
Two-Mann-Studios-Class.part08.rar  (4.00 GB)
Two-Mann-Studios-Class.part09.rar  (4.00 GB)
Two-Mann-Studios-Class.part10.rar  (4.00 GB)
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Course content:

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hey, i downloaded until part7 without being premium account, and all of a sudden it asks me to get a premium account, even for the old part i already downloaded, why did i t changend?


Please upload a torrent link,does not work


Downloading now requires premium membership due to its size.


Anyone have the last 4 parts (9-12)?


Hi I have downloaded all parts and extracted using keka or extractor or winzip on Mac ,but unable to get video 1 it is saying corrupted and rest 5 videos are fine. First video not extracting please help or reupload the content please !!!


tried with 7zip also on windows 1st file error bro


Looks like second file too is corrupted.