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Critical Tips, Techniques & Insight for Countrified Rock Guitar

Theo van Niel Jr.’s Countrified Rock Guitar Guidebook focuses on country guitar techniques and vocabulary that can be readily employed in rock soloing and improvisation. Theo will show you how to countrify your rock bag with hybrid picking, open strings, banjo rolls, percussive muting, triple ghost notes, slide bends, double bends, and bends within chords.

”Modern rock guitarists use a bunch of techniques and concepts often borrowed from blues, hard rock, and country players. My personal take on it is, if it works, why not use it? This course is gonna be a blend of traditional high octane Brent Mason licks, super-fueled Paul Gilbert over-the-top lead lines, but with the sensitivity and expression of Jeff Beck.”

After working through all of the techniques and concepts presented in the first half of the course, you’ll apply those techniques by playing your way through 7 soloing performance studies across a variety of feels, keys, and tempos.

Theo will overview each backing track and feel, and then solo over the track using the techniques from the first section. After the soloing performance, Theo breaks down the solo emphasizing the approaches and techniques in play.

Run Along (Chorus)
”This performance study is in the key of A and I’m using techniques that I discussed earlier in the concepts sections, like the triplet ghost notes and double stops. I wrote this theme on a fast country train beat groove that we all know so well. ”

Run Along (Solo)
”We’re still in the key of A and because of the high 140 BPM tempo, it’s quite a workout to keep the 16th notes going. The trick with fast country style solos is to be relaxed and to try to keep the overview. If you lose the overview, the chance of messing up is quite high. So watch it!”

One Day Till Sunrise (Part 1)
”In this performance study, I mixed up country chops and techniques in a less traditional environment. I’m doing a question and answer approach, where I’m switching up solo lines and licks with some cool chords. We’re in the key of G. I’m gonna make some good use of open strings, play banjo rolls and a lot of pentatonic and blues licks.”

One Day Till Sunrise (Part 2)
”This is a part that I refer to as the weird or ‘mysterious’ picking section. The note choices are a bit different and I’m trying to make the riff sound like I’m mumbling. The tricky part of this performance is to keep the timing right.”

One Day Till Sunrise (Solo)
”This part of One Day Till Sunrise starts right at the second half of the solo section. We’ve already done a build up before this part, so this is where the climax of the song is going to be. The challenge of a climax situation is to keep the tension high. The way I do it is by using a lot of bends and embellishments. I also make sure the end lick is on target because that’s gonna be one of the licks the listener remembers.”

Practiced Bravado
”This performance study is a small excerpt from a track of mine called Practiced Bravado. It’s in the key of Am and it’s a good example of how to mix in country based techniques into an uptempo modern rock environment. On the second half, I’m gonna kick in a wah pedal, which gives the licks I’m playing a nice boost and a vocal quality. The way I use the wah pedal is quite subtle. I’m not moving the pedal wildly up and down, but I’m using it more to accent certain notes. I’m gonna start off by playing a two-octave lick, based around the A minor pentatonic scale. After that, I’m gonna use some more chromatic notes, double bends, rakes and more to take this solo to the next level.”

House Of Talent
”This performance study is a theme in the key of E that I wrote around two different techniques. I remember when I was messing around with the open strings and found this cool banjo roll idea. By moving this idea around the neck I got some great melodies out of it. So why not write a song with it?! Both techniques that I’m using in this song require the open strings. The first one is sort of a banjo roll and the other technique is playing scales with open strings, which we discussed earlier.”

Theo will explain and demonstrate all of the key concepts and approaches along the way.  You’ll get standard notation and tabs for each of the performances. Plus, Theo includes all of the backing tracks for you to work with on your own. In addition, you’ll be able to loop or slow down any of the videos so that you can work with the lessons at your own pace.

Grab your guitar and let’s get ‘countrified’ with Theo Van Niel Jr.!


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