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Louisiana Swamp Blues Essentials for Guitarists
Swamp Blues, also referred to as the Excello sound, is a variation of Louisiana blues with zydeco and Cajun influences. Slim Harpo, Lazy Lester, and Lightnin’ Slim are just a few of the legends that made this laid-back, rhythmic dance music so popular in its heyday back in the ’50s and ’60s. Today, dozens of popular bands continue to keep this style of the blues alive.

Mike kicks off the course with a primer where he explains how to dial in your tone along with other key insight for getting an authentic swamp blues sound. He’ll talk about the history of the style, tremolo and reverb, slide and open tunings, and some left and right-hand approaches you’ll need to know.

”In the primer, I’ll give you an overview of the history of Louisiana swamp blues. We’ll talk about the players, the style, the guitar techniques needed to play with feel and authenticity, and I’ll demonstrate some of the techniques and tunings. I’ll also talk about playing electric and acoustic, and using a slide in swamp blues. Then, I’ll give you an overview of using effects like tremolo and reverb to capture the vibe. When playing this style, it’s important to understand the basic blues changes in a 1-4-5 and 12-bar blues and 8-bar blues. There’s also a fair amount of droning on the root for tension and mixing the major and minor scales for dynamics.”

Mike will then guide you through five Swamp Blues performance studies, from basic to more sophisticated approaches. He will first perform the study over a backing track and then break it down emphasizing the key techniques and approaches in play.

Level 1: Swamp Blues
”This a great basic swampy rhythm to get you started. It’s based on the “Lonesome Sundown” song of the same title. It features a really cool sliding chord pattern that follows the 1-4-5 12-bar blues format. It holds on the 5 when turning around. You’ll need to know some basic chords and be able to slide chords on the neck, which I’ll show you. With some cool rhythm variation, this one will get you a dance floor full of swamp poppers!”

Level 2: Swamp Blues
”This is a basic swamp blues 1-4-5 in E based on the legendary Slim Harpo song. It incorporates a swung groove, easy chord changes and the use of tremolo. It involves one cool hammer-on and tons of vibe.”

Level 3: Swamp Blues
”Here’s a slow, swampy blues based on the first tune recorded by Lightnin’ Slim. We’re playing acoustic this time, and we’re in the open tuning of D. Here are the notes for open D tuning: D-A-D-F-A-D.  The rhythm is sparse and the guitar is very loose. We’ll use the open low D note to drone and the open chord which makes it sound big and haunting. We use a double stop on for dynamics and inflection to change the chords. We’ll barre across the 5th fret for the G chord and the 7th Fret for the A chord. This is all about rhythm and dynamics to make it authentic. We finger pick this groove and use hammer-ons and pull-offs.”

Level 4: Swamp Blues
”Our next performance study is an iconic Slim Harpo swamp groove. You may recognize it, as it was re-recorded and made famous by the Rolling Stones.”

Level 5: Swamp Blues
”The final, more difficult performance study I have for you today is based on a track by the great modern swamp blues artist Tab Benoit. This is reminiscent of his song Fever for the Bayou.”

Mike will explain and demonstrate all of the key concepts and approaches along the way.  You’ll get standard notation and tabs for each of the performance studies. Plus, Mike includes all of the rhythm tracks for you to work with on your own. In addition, you’ll be able to loop or slow down any of the videos so that you can work with the lessons at your own pace.

Grab your guitar and let’s get swampy with Mike Zito!


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