Brad Carlton’s Guitar Lab: The Essence of Groove Vol. 1 — Truefire — Free download

Intensive Examination of Groove Building Concepts & Approaches for Guitar

In my 50 years of teaching, I’ve found rhythm to be the most common weakness in my students’ skill set. This course is designed to help you understand and solidify the concept of groove. To accomplish that goal, we’ll approach the guitar as a drum/bass unit. The harmonic vehicle that we’ll use will be a ii7-V7 in E major, which translates to F#m7 to B7. You’ll learn melodic moves that will be applied to the bass line, then to melody.

This course will utilize a “wrist down” fingerstyle technique, which will allow you to emulate the fingerstyle bass, slap bass, and drums. The benefits of absorbing the principles presented in this course will serve you in all styles and all musical configurations; from solo guitar to big band comping. Let’s get started.


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Course content:

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