In this post, we share Learn Cinematography — Tropic Colour — with direct links for Free download

So why are we offering this course? Well, for starters we both went to film school and know first hand what can be gained, and what we felt we missed out on. The bottomline is… we live in a different era of filmmaking, where you can learn just about anything on the internet.
So being stuck in a film program for 4 years at the cost of $100,000 to learn how movies used to be made isn’t necessarily the best way to learn cinematography. So that was the idea behind this course. We wanted to build a curriculum that speaks to any aspiring cinematographer / filmmaker who is eager to learn at an accelerated rate. At the cost of 1 college text book, you can have lifetime access to this course. We also know the value of content that can be gained from Youtube – heck we started out on Youtube with our channel “The Buffnerds” which is nearly at a million subscribers. And though there is some great content on there, its so scattered and segmented.
There isn’t a singular hub where you can learn everything cinematography related – from the art, the theory, to the business. We are constantly shooting, constantly learning, and we feel like we have a finger on the pulse of what it takes to be a “modern cinematographer” in this day and age.
We’ll teach you not only how to light and shoot pretty images, but also how to make money while doing it! So if you are serious about cinematography – we’d love to have you apart of our community!

Download Learn Cinematography

Learn-Cinematography.part1.rar  (3.00 GB)
Learn-Cinematography.part2.rar  (3.00 GB)
Learn-Cinematography.part3.rar  (3.00 GB)
Learn-Cinematography.part4.rar  (3.00 GB)
Learn-Cinematography.part5.rar  (674.46 MB)

Course content:

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thank you bro

Maurizio Trotta

Part 3 is missing

Course Digger

Part 3 is downloadable from my side 🙂


Thank you so much