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Sarah Driscoll, of Sarah Driscoll Photography Blog, is a lifestyle photographer out of Massachusetts. Sarah is so thrilled to be partnering with Beyond the Wanderlust this February to bring her workshop, Therapeutic Photography: Healing Your Soul Behind The Lens. Sarah’s workshop is going to dig deep into the heart of why you started, what inspires you and where you want to take your art. Sarah’s workshop will help you find your unique story and use your fears to create stand alone pieces, while capturing true emotions. Join Sarah in her Facebook group where we will be sharing our stories, discussing what makes your story unique, learning to shoot to fit your mood and editing with a film like vibe. As an artists, if you are looking to reconnect with your art, Sarah’s workshop, Therapeutic Photography, is for you.

Part I:
My Story
Why Therapeutic Photography
Why You Should Tell Your Story
Finding Your Unique Story
Benefits of Therapeutic Photography
Engaging With Children Genuinely
Capturing Your Child’s Personality

Part II:
Remembering Why You Started
Where to Begin
Finding The Light
Finding Your Story
Inspiring Your Story

Part III:
Planning Your Shoot – clothing, props, location
Making Connections During Therapy
Going Beyond Everyday Lifestyle Photographs
Understanding Color
Color Harmony and Formulas
Using Color for Emotion
Making it Fun
Embracing The Un-Fun

Part IV:
Editing for Emotion
Shooting Wide Open
Using Aperture Creatively
Embracing The Grain
Losing The Need for Cohesion
Letting Go of Your Fears
Telling Your Story
What’s in My Bag
Starting a Blog or Website
Blogger, WordPress, Squarespace Comparison
Blogging for The Soul
Getting in The Frame

Materials Received:
100 page PDF workbook
Two color editing videos with Sarah in Lightroom
One B&W editing video with Sarah in Lightroom

BTS video with Sarah during shooting
Sarah’s favorite clothing guide PLUS exclusive coupons
Four of Sarah’s personal favorite color and B&W presets

Please allow up to 72 hours for delivery of materials after purchase.


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Course content:

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