Theoretical Foundations of Cryptography for Beginners — Udemy — Last updated 4/2020 — Free download

A first step in your journey towards Super Hacker.

What you’ll learn

  • Computer Fundamentals necessary for becoming an expert Ethical Hacker. Its a three part course. In first part I am covering Information Security Policies, Binary Number System and Cryptography.
  • No. Its a Zero to Hero Course.

Yes you heard it right. This zero to hero series can transform you from Script Kiddie into a Super Hacker. . Unlike other courses on Ethical Hacking, this course stresses on computer fundamentals and basics required for becoming an expert evergreen computer hacker. Other hacking courses will teach you tools and techniques needed for hacking. These tools become obsolete as the system evolves. Thus instead of becoming an hacker you become a script kiddie.

The course begins with Information Security Policy and Principles, teaches you the language of computers (Binary) and finally combines all these knowledge for understanding Cryptography, Crypt-analysis and Digital Signatures.

Applied Cryptography topics like SSL, NTLM Hash, Noedham-Schroder Protocol, Kerberos etc are covered in System and Network Security (Part -3) of the series. But for understanding Part-3 you have to be very clear with this part.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for the people who wish to become expert Ethical Hackers but lack the knowledge of computer fundamentals necessary for the same.
  • Hacking Enthusiasts
  • People working in Law Enforcement Agencies,
  • Intelligence Officials
  • Police officials
  • Pentesters
  • Computer Forensics Experts


Theoretical Foundations of Cryptography for   (download)
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Course content:

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