The Watercolor Workshop — The Virtual Instructor — Free download

“The Watercolor Workshop” video course is a comprehensive learning experience designed to provide the student with the most comprehensive approach to watercolor painting through easy to understand modules that include videos and Ebooks.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The basic materials, tools, and surfaces for painting with watercolor.
  • How to apply watercolor using a variety of techniques and approaches.
  • How to mix colors and use color theory in your paintings.
  • How to create strong compositions in your paintings.
  • How to paint loosely with watercolor.
  • How to paint landscapes with watercolors.
  • How to paint a cityscape and create the illusion of space by manipulating values and intensities.
  • How to paint a portrait with watercolors.
  • How to use watercolor pencils.
  • How to mix watercolor with pastel, pastel pencils, and ink.
  • How to paint with gouache (opaque watercolor).
  • How to mat and frame your paintings.


The_Watercolor_Workshop.part1.rar  (2.93 GB)
The_Watercolor_Workshop.part2.rar  (196.40 MB)

Course Content:

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