Oil Painting Master Series — The Virtual Instructor — Free download

Oil Painting Master Series provides the student with an overview of the medium of oil painting. Designed for absolute beginners, the course is structured with a logical progression of modules that feature video and ebooks. Each concise lesson builds upon the last so that nothing is missed. NO assumptions of prior knowledge or experience are made.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to choose the right materials, their properties, and how to use them in oil painting. How to prepare a support – boards, stretching, and preparing canvas.
  • How to layout your palette and mix complex colors. How to make your own oil paints from pure pigment.
  • Pre-painting fundamentals.
  • The secret to blending oil paint to create smooth transitions of value and color.
  • How to create an underpainting.
  • How to glaze color over an underpainting using the “Old Masters” technique.
  • How to paint directly using observed colors.
  • How to paint on a toned surface to create dramatic contrast.
  • How to paint folded cloth.
  • How to paint realistic clouds.
  • How to paint a representational portrait.
  • How to paint Alla Prima (Wet into Wet).
  • How to use a knife to create Impasto effects in a painting.
  • How to paint as an Impressionist.
  • How to approach a Non-Traditional painting (Non-Objective, Abstract).
  • The secrets to creating reflection and transparency with oils.


Oil_Painting_Master_Series.part1.rar  (2.93 GB)
Oil_Painting_Master_Series.part2.rar  (352.28 MB)

Course Content: https://thevirtualinstructor.com/members/oil-painting-master-series/

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