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I see it over and over again — when a producer can’t figure out a solution for writing memorable music, melodies & chord progressions, they go back to doing exactly what they shouldn’t do: tweaking EQs & compressor knobs, finicking with some reverb, or worse, not producing at all and blaming the music industry for being jaded, corrupt and backward.

Ugh. That’s the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

Don’t get me wrong, mixdowns are important, but people don’t connect with EQ and compression. They connect with stories. They connect with vulnerability. They connect with honesty.

In short, they connect with great songwriting.

Chord progressions. Melodies. Hooks. That’s songwriting — it’s the missing piece.

It’s why artists like Bon Iver can bring millions of listeners to tears and become a multi-platinum recording artist with sub-optimal production quality.

It’s why Porter Robinson, who doesn’t always have the cleanest mixdowns, is able to focus on conveying powerful emotions through dynamics and great songwriting.

It’s why Avicii was known as a musical genius and whiz-kid — not because of his technical prowess, but his ability to turn anything into melodic, songwriting gold.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Well, that sounds great, but how do I do that?” Well here’s the problem…

Your current game plan of hacking music theory isn’t going to cut it. Shortcuts will only get you so far. In fact, shortcuts will lead you to writing tracks — not songs.


TRACKS have a life-span of a few months but then? They are easily forgotten.
SONGS are timeless and memorable. They sound just as good (or better) years after release.

TRACKS get filed into your DJ catalog and playlists, never to be heard again.
SONGS get shared with all of your closest friends are catalysts for connection, community and memories.

TRACKS jump on the current trends and recreate whatever is popular now.
SONGS focus on evoking emotion and connection. Genres don’t matter more than the idea.


Mistake #1

You rely solely on midi packs for composition.

Midi-packs and midi-tools like Hookpad or Captain Chords can be very helpful. In fact, we recommend using them all the time (they can be great for inspiration or to spark some creativity). But if you start to rely on midi-packs for composition you are only robbing yourself of what you’re capable of…

After all, when you rely too heavily on existing midi it can be a real crutch. Worse, it can actually hinder you from progressing your songwriting skills at all.

Real songwriters can fall back on their understanding of music theory, and that leads to more confidence & better writing. And, if I’m being honest, it leads to more fun in the songwriting process because you’ve gotten better at songwriting. Let’s face it — we all enjoy things we’re good at.

Without music theory, you are drastically limiting your own ability to make commercially viable, smart and interesting sounding music.

Mistake #2

You prioritize mixing & engineering.

Trust me, I get it. Dialing in some reverb is super satisfying. EQ-ing that vocal to sit right in the mix is downright orgasmic. A perfect kick-bass relationship? Forget about it. It’s better than sex.

But people don’t connect with reverb, EQ or compression. They connect with stories. They connect with vulnerability. They connect with honesty.

What does that mean? Composition. Chord progressions. Melodies. Arrangement. Lyrics. They connect with songwriting.

And nothing is more important than the song. No, not even your kick drum trumps that. If you are prioritizing the engineering, you are focussing on the wrong things in 2019. Engineering and production are meant to aid in telling the story of the song, not define it.

And look, the proof is in the pudding. This mindset shift leads to results like this:

As an artist a few years back, this is what happened when I focussed on songwriting as opposed to engineering across two different projects. My music garnered over 4 million plays in 4 months, compared to just over 2 million in 4 years.

Songwriting is what keeps the listener coming back. Songwriting is why we can’t get a song out of our head. In short, songwriting is everything.

Mistake #3

You spend too much time copying your favorite artists.

When I first started producing music, I figured I should look at what successful artists were doing and then do the same things.

  • Skrillex used Melodyne for his vocal chops? I can do that!
  • Audien used 8 layers for his supersaw chords? I should also use 8 layers!
  • Avicii used a specific formula of stable and unstable tones to write melodies? I’m on it!

It’s such a simple concept: take what’s been proven to work and apply it to your productions. Easy peasy, right?

The problem is that we are so caught up copying others that we forget: one-off tips don’t make a difference.

Producers want the glory and the sugar-high that comes with quick tips, when what they really need is a structured, fundamental understanding of the entire process. They need a system.

Otherwise, you can expect results like this:

We all know that producer that get’s highly technical and even brags about the parametric mid-side compression he just pulled off. And yet, his music still struggles to resonate with anyone.

That’s why you could have a terrible mixdown. You could have below-average sound design. Hell, you could even have distorted masters…

…But if you are able to construct memorable chords, hook-worthy melodies and beautiful arrangement like the best of them? Then you can create an emotional connection with your audience. And that’s what matters the MOST.

  • Kygo had minimal sound design and forgettable mixes. But we fell in love with his melodies.
  • Porter Robinson saw the most success after his Worlds album, which even he admits isn’t well mixed.
  • Illenium combined original future bass production with incredible songwriting, emotion and dynamics.
  • Loud Luxury rose to the top of the charts this year with simple, sparse production and effective songwriting.

In 2019, it’s all about songwriting. There are simply too many talented artists, engineers, sound designers, and mixers to differentiate yourself without incredible songwriting.


  • How to use music theory to construct memorable melodies and hooks that evoke emotion and connection with the listener
  • Everything you’ve ever needed to know about intervals, chords, scales, keys, time signatures, and rhythmic subdivisions to help you solidify your music theory base
  • How to build advanced chord types and chord progressions, as well as the ability to analyze and understand the function of existing chord progressions
  • How to arrange your instruments so you can use primary, secondary and ornamental sounds to focus the listener’s ears
  • How to maintain interest in your music using additive, subtractive and transitionary arrangement.
  • How to apply commercial structure to your music so you can learn the rules of arrangement and break them in the future
  • How mixing can affect your composition and songwriting through proper layering, mixing handoffs and transitionary effects (…which aids in creating a smoother, more professional arrangement)
  • How to ACTUALLY use synths, sample packs, MIDI files and loops to do a bulk of creative work for you at the start of any project. And nope, this is NOT cheating
  • How to use the power of sound design to create more interesting leads and the ability to manipulate audio to your heart’s content.
  • How composition aides the creative process and can quickly get you to a place of intelligent, forward-thinking and mature songwriting.
  • How to create your signature sound as an artist in 2019 through referencing, exploration and creativity


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