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In this class, we will show you how to create glorious skin tones utilising the CMYK method of skin tone adjustment. It is something we use in every edit to ensure we have those gorgeous, perfectly toned skin colors in each and every image.
You will also receive a video covering our skin softening and sharpening techniques – see how we achieve even skin texture and tone, while maintaining tack sharp features and focus.
This class comes in the form of two videos for you to download and keep as reference, so you can watch over and over to help you become a master of skin editing 🙂
Once you pay for the product, an email will be sent to the mail registered with your payment with a download link. This is a single download only, which is for a single purchaser. Sharing or reproduction is STRICTLY PROHIBITED


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Course content: https://shop.horizonwithin.com/product/how-to-correct-skin-tones-using-cmyk-method

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