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Join Meg Loeks as she demonstrates how to find and optimize various types of light when photographing children. Through creative exercises and environment analysis, you will be encouraged to explore your home and surroundings to find inspiration in the places you least expect. You will examine certain editing techniques that will help you create depth in your imagery. Meg will help you discover ways to creatively tell a story by altering perspectives, minimizing distractions and being conscious of color when capturing children. Lastly, Meg shows you how it is possible to slow down and observe your frame in order to capture that perfect moment with busy children.


• How to find and photograph in certain types of light
• How to find and shoot in unexpected places
• Create depth both in camera and in post processing
• How to creatively tell a story through perspective exercises
• How to use color to draw attention to your subject
• How to be conscious of every object included in your frame


  • PDF filled with detailed information and exercises
  • An indoor and outdoor shooting video demonstrating different lighting situations
  • Multiple videos covering Meg’s editing process, how to use sky overlays and textures
  • Complementary Color Chart
  • Bonus Material: Finding timeless clothing for children
  • Bonus Material: How to break out of a creative rut
  • Q&A Video

Meg Loeks lives just outside a small town in Michigan with her husband and three little boys. She is a natural light photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, child, and family photography. Her favorite subjects to photograph are her boys. Meg is drawn to low light, color, minimalism and fine art photography. She loves to study light and be challenged to find it. Her hobbies include snowboarding, hiking, camping, reading historical fiction novels, and baking.


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Course content:

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