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Dmitry Chursin is a portrait photographer from St. Petersburg. Over the past 8 years, he has conducted more than 2500 individual and online lessons both in Russia and in Europe. Favorite genre – large-face portrait. A feature of Dmitry’s work is the maximum emphasis and the transfer of mood and emotional state of the model without loss of naturalness.

Every photographer, let alone a portrait painter, from time to time asks himself the question: “How to reduce the processing time, without losing quality?” And it so happened that we have an answer! Indeed, in particular, this will be discussed at the workshop of Dmitry Chursin – how to get an excellent result with minimal time costs.

The master class will be conditionally divided into 2 parts:

Portrait retouching

  • author’s fast (up to 5-6 minutes) retouching method without frequency decomposition and d & b, but with preservation of texture
  • a complex of 3 methods for creating a natural volume without drawing
  • additional options for enhancing the volume of the photo
  • 2 basic rules when working with “Plastics”
  • all about “pure color” and how to create it
  • skin color alignment
  • 3 main frame components
  • pure color tinting methods
  • analysis of the main mistakes
  • attention to the eyes
  • use of channels
  • optimal number of colors

Working with a model

  • where to find the model
  • how to choose the best
  • emotions and where to get them
  • foreshortening and working side
  • poses and how models look natural
  • inspiration and where to get it
  • best time to shoot
  • work with makeup artist
  • major mistakes
  • communication features
  • finance and what it costs

During the workshop Dmitry will answer all the questions raised by the students.

If you want to attend this master class, but are not sure that you will have the opportunity to be online – do not worry! After all, the recording of the master class will be available for another 2 weeks after its completion!

Necessary knowledge and skills:

Basic ownership of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop


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Course content:

Direct Download

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