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Lara Jade is back with arguably the most comprehensive business and marketing course available to aspiring fashion and commercial photographers.

What’s included?

  • 11 HRS, 38 MINS of comprehensive education centered around business and marketing to grow your sales.
  • 56 VIDEOS to easily navigate through each module. Watch them in order or skip around!
  • 37 DOWNLOADS of helpful materials to keep you organized and on track with growing your business.

What you will learn?


Set your business up for success by learning all of Lara’s tips and tricks when it comes to pricing your work, quoting your services, and invoicing clients. Learn the ins-and-outs of licensing and usage of your images, where to look for legal help, setting up the best systems for your taxes, and how to manage your income. Once you have these structures in place, you can confidently start on your journey to becoming a profitable photographer.


Your marketing strategy should be as creative as your photography – if not more! In this segment, Lara lets you in on all of her marketing secrets in the fashion and commercial industries. Learn how to find and pitch to your target clients, build your industry contact database, understand which steps you need to take to get your work published, and master the art of sending a cold email. Start executing these crucial marketing methods and watch your opportunities double!


In the modern fashion and commercial industry, social media is arguably the most important tool when marketing your work and services. In this segment, Lara takes you through her favorite social platforms and gives you direct insight on how to effectively use them to maximize your brand awareness, identify your target market, research potential clients, find and engage with your teams, and build an engaged audience. Don’t let the vast sea of social media overwhelm you – Lara’s tips will give you the excitement you need to utilize these platforms to work for you!


“If I’m not based in NYC, London, or Paris, can I still become a successful fashion photographer?” YES! In this segment, discover how to market your work in a smaller market to attain a big profit! Showcase the value of what you can provide as a fashion photographer, learn how to work with local brands and influencers, and utilize Facebook ads to maximize your reach. You don’t have to live in one of the fashion capitals-of-the-world to reach your fullest potential, use Lara’s techniques to build your foundation and achieve your long-term goals.


Watch as Lara puts the methods described in the Marketing Fundamentals into action during this collaboration shoot with fashion brand, Danielle Frankel. Learn the importance of doing a collaboration shoot like this to maximize exposure, expand your audience, and build a mutually beneficial relationship with a brand for years to come.


Step into Lara’s home studio and watch her create stunning fashion images in her living room! Learn all of her tips for shooting at home, how to utilize your space and make it work effectively when you don’t have a studio space of your own. Don’t forget to download her recommended list of equipment to get you started in your own home studio!


Watch an exciting photoshoot with an Instagram influencer, Khrystyana (@khrystyana) on a Manhattan rooftop! Learn the benefits of shooting with an influencer like creating variety in your marketing portfolio, maximizing exposure for you and your team, and building a relationship to expand your industry contacts.


Now it’s time to put all of Lara’s strategies and techniques into action! In this final segment, Lara gives you a 30-day challenge to start implementing everything you’ve learned in your own business. Post your insight and results in Lara’s private Facebook group, stay connected with others in the industry, and start reaching your long-term goals.

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