Painterly Portraits Complete Bundle by Richard Wood — The Portrait Masters — Free download

Award-winning creative & illustrative portrait photographer, Richard Wood, is back with a series on creating profound, soulful and timeless portraits to be cherished by your clients for generations to come. Painterly Portraits is all about contemporary portraiture crafted in the style of the old masters. So what is the secret to Richard’s award-winning images? Light!

In this extensive series, Richard shows you how to set up and achieve his 6 signature lighting setups to produce that moody Rembrandt-style look. First, he’ll take you through a one and two light Rembrandt set up to help you understand which shadows to look for and how to define the details in your image. Then, he’ll show you a two-light “bonnet” setup where you’ll learn how to wrap your subject in soft, beautiful light. Learn how to combine these setups to create a more contemporary look, and add in a small modifier to emphasize the emotion and expressiveness in your image. Lastly, master the essential technique of shaping natural light to create timeless portraits without any studio lighting.

For every lighting setup, Richard also brings you through his post-production process so you can see how he retouches for each lighting scenario. Don’t forget to download the lighting diagrams included in this course to help you recreate these setups in your own space!

This is what portraiture is all about. Learning to capture your clients to create iconic family heirlooms can be extremely lucrative for your business – and if you’re looking to advance your awards & accreditation work, understanding Richard’s eye for light will bring your portraits to the next level. Master the art of creating painterly portraits, and get closer to those elusive silvers and golds.


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