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You are an artist.   You love the entire creation process. But there’s just a few things that could make it even better.

#1. Having a consistent look  (for indoor studio work AND outdoor sessions)
#2. A quicker workflow  (because who doesn’t want more time with their family?)

Introducing The Delicate Workflow Set

5 ACR presets, 10 ACR brushes and 10 Photoshop Actions designed to set you free.

You don’t need 400 actions. You just need ones that work.

The Delicate Workflow is a set of ACR Presets, Actions and ACR Brushes, built to help you comfortably and easily edit your images efficiently and consistently.

The tools that come with this workflow are way more than just 5 presets, 10 brushes and 10 actions.

For your ACR presets you get a great matte preset, as well as warm, cool and soft airy presets that give you a beautiful base edit to begin with.

Your ACR brushes assist in the retouching of your raw file, before you take it into photoshop – and if you prefer even eliminating the need for photoshop.

Your Photoshop actions include a base workflow, as well as 4 more actions that give more of an overall affect on your images.

5 of your actions are retouching actions where you can correct skin color, add contrast, soften skin and sharpen details, while also having beautiful paint on effects to enhance the artistry of your image. There is so much packed into these retouching actions you may feel like you have way more than just 5 of them.

Finally you have a beautiful black and white action, that you can really dress up with all of your above retouch actions.


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Course content: https://themilkyway.ca/the-delicate-workflow/

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