Patrick James – The Magnetic Personality Formula Re-Loaded — Free download

The 3 “Secret Keys” To Unlocking A Magnetic Personality That Naturally Attracts
Women In Less Than 60 Seconds…
…EVEN IF You Are Introverted or Don’t Know How To “Flirt” Right Now

How To Seduce The World By Becoming The Most Magnetic YOU…

This is a formula that has been over 5 years in the making…
A formula that when installed into your everyday habits, you magnetically attract women without even trying.

HANDS DOWN. There is nothing more freeing

and rewarding… Than becoming Magnetic!
It’s the way you carry yourself, the way you speak, the way others respond to you. People will take notice immediately…
I’ve spend the last five years perfecting this so it works every time — no matter what you look like. No matter where you live. And no matter what your age is…
And to properly do that we have to mold who you are from the inside-out.
I found this formula by observing ALL of the most magnetic men I could find…

NBA all-stars. A-List Hollywood seducers.

And everyone in-between…
What shocked me is that women were NOT attracted to them because of their looks, or fashion sense…
What actually attracted women were a few certain habits these guys had. Certain BEHAVIORS they showed when interacting with people.
Behaviors that anybody could easily reproduce for themselves.
After studying these men and their habits, I narrowed it down to just THREE things they did consistently…
And once I got this down to a science I made it my moral duty to get this special formula out to the world.
So I brought together a very exclusive group of 9 guys from all over the country (one guy even came all the way from Mexico). And filmed everything…
We went on a deep dive for 3.5+ hours of RAW content.
Showing them everything I know about becoming MAGNETIC to the women you actually want.
This program is your inside look to this exact seminar…
You’ll feel like you’re right there in the room with us.
Here’s just a taste of what is you’ll get inside of the Magnetic Personality Formula…
  •  The 60-second trick to sparking obsession in her (get this right and you’ll never need another “pickup line” or “routine” again)
  •  The 3 “charmer” words that instantly make you the most alluring challenge she’s ever met (you only need to say these 3 words to her once, and she’ll be hooked)
  •  The RIGHT way to compliment a girl so that she’s giddy with excitement, and starts chasing you
  •  The sneaky “sex-trigger” PROVEN to make her chase you
  •  Guys are supposed to approach girls, right?… Wrong! Discover how I had an Instagram model approach me in a Las Vegas nightclub, confess she thinks I’m “out of her league”, and pull me back to her place that same night
  •  The 3 “silent killers” of female attraction (avoid these at all costs!)
  •  Ryan Gosling’s flirting secret to creating a “soulmate fantasy” of you in her head. (Warning: this can make stage-5 clingers out of the most “hard-to-get” girls)

And if you think that’s good, I’m not stopping there.

I truly want you to succeed. With the Magnetic Personality Formula on your side, you’ll also discover:
  •  The “ITDFR” filter that women constantly filter men through, and why if you don’t know how to pass through it, she’ll never sleep with you
  •  Walt Disney’s secret to quickly making yourself memorable to anyone (Imagine meeting the hot girl that everybody pursues, the celebrity mentor you’ve always wanted, and they remember everything about you after meeting you just once)
  •  The 30-second morning routine that makes you MAGNETIC socially for the rest of the day (you’re friends will drive themselves crazy trying to figure out your new secret)
  •  The conversation hack doctors use that’ll get HER doing all of the talking (use this the next time you run out of things to say)
  •  George Clooney’s “power gaze” that makes anything you say hook 100x harder (even if you’re not clever or witty)
  •  The controversial productivity TRICK to 4x your efficiency in business, and social situations

The list could go on for days…

By this point you are probably wondering “What are these THREE ‘keys’ that make men magnetic?”
Well they are something that I call the 3 C’s of a Magnetic Personality…
Conviction, Composure, and Charisma – The 3 C’s of Magnetism…
Which is why, the first thing you’ll notice on the inside, is that I’ve broken this formula into 3 sections…


Patrick-Jame-The-Magnetic-Personality-Formula-Re-Loaded.part1.rar  (2.00 GB)
Patrick-Jame-The-Magnetic-Personality-Formula-Re-Loaded.part2.rar  (1.55 GB)

Course Content:

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