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Hi! I’m Nat Martin, a watercolour artist from Victoria, Australia. I’ve been captivated by this medium for as long as I can remember and while teaching is a more recent thing, there’s nothing more rewarding than helping someone explore or reconnect with their creative side.

This new course, The Magic of Colour Mixing follows on from Welcome to Watercolour and is for budding and established artists alike. In it, we’ll go deep into modern colour theory and together, we’ll build up your skills and confidence so you too can create works bursting with life and begin to develop your own language with colour.

The course also covers why it’s important to understand colour and how colour affects the mood, temperature and energy of your work. You’ll paint your own colour mixing wheel, learn about colour reference charts, how to create beautiful neutrals and earthy colours, AND, why you keep accidentally making brown (!)

Colour is such a huge part of my own work, I love using vibrant, high energy watercolour and I’m so looking forward to seeing the magic you create with your finished piece.

If you’d like to use the materials I use in the course, I have put together a handy Colour Mixing Paint Kit.

I have put together comprehensive course notes that you can download and review whenever you like.

To help you get into the painting mood I’ve also put together a fun Spotify playlist of songs I enjoy listening to while painting and get me in the right mindset.


The Magic of Colour Mixing- Master modern colour theory using water…   (download)
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Course content:

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