Ronnie McKenzie — The Jewelry Juggernaut — Free download

Start Generating Bigger Profits in your POD Business as Quickly as Today!

This Course is Perfect for You If…

  • You struggle to come up with phrases that sell
  • You’re baffled by how to design products that people actually HAVE to buy
  • You need to eliminate creative block – proven phrase development worksheet used by 7 figure sellers

Here is What You Get Inside the Course

If you’ve ever struggled with inconsistent results, wildly fluctuating ads, far too much debt than this is the course for you. I take you through all the different facets of running a successful Print on Demand business. Below you will see what is included in the course.

  • Over 50 Videos and free updates on any important changes and new videos added ($3695)
  • Get a FULL PRODUCT REVEAL of the product I scaled to make $39,188.77 cold hard cash in just 16 days (valued at $1995)
  • Get the EXACT LAUNCH & SCALING STRATEGY we have used and refined over 7 years that has created multiple 6 & 7 figure POD businesses. (valued at $2995)
  • Get the QUOTE & PHRASE Creation Spreadsheet that Supercharges Your Phrase Building Output (valued at $995)
  • Get the ELEMENTS OF A 6 FIGURE WINNER Strategy. A process that will allow you to create incredibly UNIQUE, ONE OF A KIND products people HAVE to have! ($2995)
  • Branded SHOPIFY STORE TUTORIAL. Create a store that exudes trust from the moment your visitors see your store. (valued at $495)
  • How to find 5 and 6-figure products with 6 of my favorite research methods
  • How to create your own VIRAL PRODUCTS
  • How to create unlimited Moneymaker Phrases with the phrase builder
  • How to create a HIGHLY ENGAGING Facebook Community that LOVE you!
  • How to create Viral Ad Launches testing with super low budgets.
  • Find out my relatively unknown POD partner! (That has HUGE profits)
  • How to Create Facebook Ads, Custom Audiences & Lookalikes in Over the Shoulder Lessons<
  • How to Create Niches on Demand by following a simple method that increases your chances of success exponentially
  • How to Hire Staff, Job Descriptions & SOP’s
  • How to HANDLE SUDDEN Success
  • How-to Mini Google Ads Course + Must Have Email Flows
  • How to create a Launch Schedule for Consistency

This Course Can Work for anybody, especially if…

  • You’re a complete beginner when it comes to ecommerce, print-on-demand, or Facebook Ads.
  • You’re a professional ecommerce company owner looking to step up the game with sophisticated ad strategies.
  • You don’t have a lot of money to begin with.
  • You want a thorough course with real-world explanations and case studies by someone who doesn’t make a living solely by selling courses, but by his own Print on Demand businesses.


Ronnie-McKenzie-The-Jewelry-Juggernaut.part1.rar  (1.00 GB)
Ronnie-McKenzie-The-Jewelry-Juggernaut.part2.rar  (1.00 GB)
Ronnie-McKenzie-The-Jewelry-Juggernaut.part3.rar  (1.00 GB)
Ronnie-McKenzie-The-Jewelry-Juggernaut.part4.rar  (672.70 MB)

Course Content:

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