The Guitar: Music Theory Essentials — SkillShare — Last updated 8/2019 — Free download

Ultimate Starter Kit for the beginner Guitarist

What you’ll learn

  • The Musical Alphabet
  • Fretboard memorisation Exercise
  • Find any note on the fretboard
  • Play the Major scale
  • Play the Minor Scale
  • How Chords are created
  • Build a major triad anywhere on guitar
  • Play minor triads anywhere on guitar
  • Navigating the fretboard – How to play in position
  • Understand the Rhythm and timing of any piece of music
  • How to Read Guitar Tablature and chord Diagrams
  • Unlock the guitar fretboard
  • No experience needed
  • A complete Beginners Guide


Fast Track your guitar skills with this essential guide to music theory fundamentals.

In this course we will cover the very basic and essential fundamental elements of music theory for the beginner guitar students. So If you have just started learning guitar or even if you have been playing for little while this course will be of great benefit to you.

The importance of learning  music theory can not be underestimated. It is the fundamental foundation to every thing we do on the guitar. It is often over looked by beginner guitar students. But is the key to unlocking the whole instrument so you reach your full potential as a guitar player.

This course is structured from the very beginning and is suitable for any beginner even if you have just picked up the guitar this week. The course is more practical theory based and so I won’t be asking you to play anything difficult or diving into techniques exercises.The idea is to unlock the mysteries of the fretboard straight away and have some deeper understanding of what we are playing and learning as you move forward on your musical journey

Part 1 We will start out looking at the Musicial alphabet itself, How many notes we have on the guitar and mapping out the notes on the fret boards and I will give you exercise to help memorise the notes.

Part 2 We will then look at what are scales and how to build them any where on the guitar. We will be learning what major and minor scale actually are.

Part 3 We will look at what chords actually are and how to build a major and minor chord on the fretboard and how to read chord diagrams.

Part 4. We will them look a rhythm and timing and how music is wrote down on paper. We will be looking at reading guitar tablature which is a modern approach to writing music for guitar with out having to get into complex sheet music notation.

So by the end of this course you will have gained the basic understanding of the essential music theory and and how it relates directly to your guitar and you will be fully equipped to move forward on your musical journey with much more confidence and freedom to grow to your full potential as a guitar player.

Who this course is for:

  • Complete Beginner Guitar students
  • Intermediate guitar students looking to refresh on fundamentals of music theory


The Guitar Music Theory   (download)
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Course content:

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