The Gimbal Masterclass with Brandon Li x Zhiyun-Tech — Unscripted — Free download


Gimbals are the latest trend in camera movement, allowing a single operator to do what used to require an entire crew of people (and a lot of expensive gear!)

Now you can create incredible camera moves with only the gear that fits in your backpack.

But it takes skill to get your gimbal moves to really shine. You can’t just plug in the right settings and expect Hollywood-level results.

I’ve been using gimbals every day for the past 5 years, and I have developed a signature style of fluid movement. Some people even call me the “Gimbal God”.

I’ve used gimbals to film award-winning short films around the world, as well as commercials and music videos.

To me, gimbals are more than just a tool. They’re a paintbrush for creating visual art. And now I’m teaching you how to paint in your own voice.

This is everything you need to get started using your gimbal.

And if you’re already an experienced operator, you’ll be able to take your skills to an even higher level.

This is an intensive course, starting with the basics of setting up and balancing your gimbal, then teaching you dozens of essential gimbal moves. You’ll even learn how your gimbal can imitate a crane, jib, or drone!

Then, we go out to the real world and I demonstrate how I shoot in a crowded, difficult environment. You’ll see there’s a lot more to learn than just how to move your feet.

Finally, I show you how to craft a narrative “one-take” scene: an entire scene in one shot. You’ll learn how to break a scene down into “beats”. You’ll learn blocking and rehearsal. And I’ll show you my special techniques for using autofocus in complex scenes. This lesson is its own mini-masterclass in gimbal storytelling.


The Gimbal Masterclass with Brandon Li x Zhiyun-Tech.rar   (download)
1.80 GB

Course content:

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How Do I unzip these files on a PC ?

Course Digger

New rar files are going to be upated.


Please, I am waiting for it and until now you have not dealt with the problem


How do I open these files after the download?

Course Digger

Forget these files, we are going to update new rar files.


It became four days and I was waiting.


they do it for free have some patience or go buy it😂

Course Digger

Not really free to downloading just a few single course in a day. But our service is almost free 🙂


Thank You for amazing share! 🙂
I notice that (Fine Art Compositing with Brooke Shaden – CreativeLive) is off line for the past 3 months? File has been removed. Please upload well be nice. Thank you again for your team hard work.
Best Regards.


what courses do you have?


go and bye it if you are not satisfied. They do what they can so respect or go bye it and shut up

Course Digger

Take it easy miky. There was our fails somehow.


I understand but sometimes people abuse and it is sometimes difficult to hear criticism with everything you allow us. thank you for your quick responses when problems are found. I see that you answer quickly and I congratulate you.


use winrar mate, is soooo simple you can even google search it how to unzip files you’ll get 2 options winrar or winzip use anyone.


How do I open these files after the download? See Bellow
1-Download for WinRAR at
2-Right Click (Zip File) Aka .RAR
3-Extract here.
Enjoy. 🙂

Course Digger

You are so kind John 🙂


In the title it says 11GB, but the file uploaded is only 1.80GB. Just wanted to ask is the full course or are there any files pending to be uploaded?


hi admin, can I request you for 2 courses?

  1. Nuke Compositing for 3D Artists by CG
  2. VFX Crash course by vfxcentral

and If you don’t mind can you please tell will it be available or not?
this 2 are the best vfx course.
Thanks in advance 🙂

Course Digger

The developers will kill me. We need to control the balance 🙂


Good Morning. I can’t unblock de links, even though I shred’s on twitter.

Course Digger

I have just gone through without issues 🙂


how do I dowload this? the links are hidden!!

Course Digger

Just use the unlock buttons with your social account.


hey, thx for this great site!

i shared the tweet but cannot get access to the link, am I doing something wrong?

Course Digger

Just try with facebook.


It’s not free?

Course Digger

File size limitation is changed dynamically time by time due to how busy our servers are to maximize premium value. We will get information updated clearly from this page soon.


I tweeted it but I can see the link, the tweet of like option keeps blocking it.