The Foundations of Singing: Level 2 — Udemy — Last updated 1/2018 — Free download

Learn singing with more control, range and power without straining your voice.

What you’ll learn

  • You will be able to sing stronger and more confident.
  • You will sing effortlessly in Chest and Head Voice registers.
  • You are building a strong transition from register to register.
  • You will increase your range in Chest Voice and Head Voice dramatically.
  • You will be able to add vocal effects to your voice to give it more depth and impact.
  • You will be able to sing with more power by building resonance.
  • You will add more finesse to your vocals with incorporating different dynamics into your singing.
  • Have an in-depth understanding about why you do things a certain way in order to sing like a rock star.
  • Basic knowledge of the foundations of singing like breathing, supporting and placement
  • Ability to play video and audio files on your computer
  • Discipline for practice


Over 600 students of my beginner’s course ‘The Foundations of Singing’ have trusted me with their voice. I’m very humbled and honoured by this and so I decided to make a second course, taking the concepts of the first course and putting them into action.

This course focuses on the proper development of the chest and head voice and the transition between those registers. It’s over 6 hours long, because as with my first course, I wanted to give you as many useful tips and exercises as possible so you can really bring your voice to the next level.

If you are not familiar with the concepts of breathing, support and placement, then you should start with my first course “The Foundations of Singing” here on Udemy.

But if you already know the basics, then this course is the right one for you. We will see how you can build a strong and dynamic approach to your singing in both Chest and Head Voice and also add effects to it. You will see that by adding even only little things, your vocal presence will increase dramatically and your singing will become smoother and you will be able to express yourself better.

A big part of why students come to me in the beginning chapters of their singing is because they can’t get rid of their vocal break when they try to go from one register into the other. So I thought, if I’m doing a course on Chest and Head Voice Development, I need to show you as well how to go about approaching and fixing the break issue.

One note of caution though: You will need to practice, and by practice I mean practice a lot. I have added 4+ hours of audio exercises for you to work on the exercises on your own time, and these exercises are not easy and will keep you busy for some time. But from my experience, going through them and really doing them on a regular basis will increase your vocal ability immensely.

Of course the membership for my Udemy Students on the Rock Vocal Academy Facebook Group is included as with my first course. If you have any questions related to singing or this course, this is the place where you will be getting feedback from me and your fellow students. I will also post singing tips and tricks on there from time to time, so you get even more than what you paid for.

As you can see in the curriculum, the course is divided into 3 sections. The first section deals with the development of your Chest Voice register.

We go through

  • the process of finding your Chest Voice
  • adjusting the right volume
  • getting more resonance
  • physiological knowledge and shapes
  • staccato and legato phrasing
  • correct use of vowel shaping
  • working with different dynamics
  • using vocal effects

The second part has a similar structure and we will go through the same processes, this time for Head Voice.

  • the process of finding your Head Voice
  • staccato and legato phrasing
  • using vowels correctly
  • working with different dynamics
  • using vocal effects

The last part focuses on the transition between the two aforementioned registers. If you have experienced a break when you go from Chest to Head Voice, this is the manual on how to fix these issues.

If you are serious about learning how to sing, then this course will give you invaluable information on every question you might have.


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to make their singing stronger.
  • Anyone who wants more control over their voice.
  • Anyone who wants to get rid of the vocal break between Chest and Head Voice registers.
  • Anyone who wants to apply basic effects to their voice to give it more depth.
  • Anyone who would like to go back to basics and build a stronger, longer lasting foundation.
  • Anyone who has completed my first course ‘The Foundations of Singing’ and are looking to improve their voice beyond


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Course content:

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