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A meal is made or broken by its final touch: the sauce. 

Kelis might be known to many for her Grammy-nominated, instantly iconic “Milkshake,” but music has always been only one of her great loves. She is also an author and a classically-trained chef; for her, food is as much a way to express yourself and your creativity as music or art. Sauces, specifically — you can tell a lot about a person (anything about a person, really) by the food they create and what sauce they use to flavor it.

A sauce, in Kelis’ words, is like the lipstick; your outfit might be dope before you add it, but really it’s that last thing that takes it from great to phenomenal. Now, she’s bringing her expertise — built at home and elaborated on by training at internationally renowned culinary school Le Cordon Bleu — to you! Cook alongside Kelis and you’ll learn:

  • The essentials of flavor and flavor combinations
  • What makes a perfect salad dressing
  • How to create a mouthwatering jerk sauce
  • And, of course, how to make the perfect gravy

Kelis doesn’t just tell you the recipes — she’ll make sure you understand what’s happening in your dish, ensuring you have the skills to create your own unique, personal spin on your sauces and your food. Join in and get cooking!

Though the class is tailored to beginner chefs, the class is welcoming to anyone interested in expressing themselves creatively through food. Download Kelis’ recipes from the Resources section to cook along, or improvise with the ingredients you already have at home!


Hungry for more? Watch Kelis live this Sunday at the Shaq Bowl and cook jerk sauce with her and an all-star lineup in real time. Share what you make on Instagram and tag @skillshare for your chance to win a year of Skillshare Premium and a spice box from her company, Bounty and Full.


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