Color Theory and Psychology of Color by Bella Kotak — The Color Lab — Free download

In this video we will join photographer Bella Kotak as we dive into the world of color theory, psychology, and analyse how colors have been used in works of art in years past.

We will cover how color is perceived, the effects and emotions in can invoke in us, and how using color consciously can add another level of craft and storytelling to your work.

This video serves as an introduction to Bella’s thought process when it comes to color grading her work. While it’s good to know the technical aspects of color grading, it’s equally as important to know why certain choices are made and how they can impact both the creator and the viewer. This video is an insight into that process.

Length: 37.5 minutes
Included: Color wheel PSD


1_Color Theory and Psychology of color .zip   (download)
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Course content:

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