The Capture Course by Lindsay Davenport | File Size  1.5 GB| Free download

What you need to know to capture what counts with your camera

Watch PromoMoments to memories. Clueless to confident.

Get lost in the memory of the moment, not in your camera settings.

Does this sound familiar?

Me: Ohhhh, that’s cute! Where’s my camera?!

Then: Okay, my aperture is… my shutter speed should be… higher? Lower? Where’s the light?

*switches to auto*

Me: Hey, honey, can you do that again?


TRUST ME, FRIEND. I’ve been there.

My photography journey began as being “that girl with the camera.” I started out taking pictures of farm sunsets and wedding showers, and eventually turned that passion into a wedding photography business.

From side-hustling during grad school and my first speech-language pathology job to going full-time with my business in 2016, I’ve tried EVERY kind of photography education and research. It always left me feeling frustrated and wishing there was an all-inclusive tutorial that ACTUALLY helped me TAKE BETTER PICTURES already.

Really, all I wanted was for my images to match my memories of them. Is that too much to ask?!

This is the course I wish I had, for all of you who are so tired of being frustrated and setting your camera on the shelf till it collects an EMBARRASSING amount of dust.


“The Capture Course literally gave me the necessary confidence to be behind the camera, relieved any stress I had while shooting, and has given me what I need to have fun while documenting!”

-Morgan Pinch

“The Capture Course was the perfect jumpstart for someone that’s never used a camera in manual before (that was me!). It was straightforward and simple so it was easy to follow along!”

-Sarah Gobble, Sarah Lotus Photos

“My husband and I absolutely loved The Capture Course! We found Lindsay’s teaching style to be super accessible. We loved that we were able to take the tips, put them to use, and see results right away!”


The Capture Course is perfect for you if…

  • Manual shooting is a MYSTERY to you
  • You’re afraid to shoot with a real camera, or feel like its a HASSLE!
  • You’re ready to freeze moments in time that will do the memory justice
  • You want to stop TRYING SO HARD to take photos
  • You want to fill the walls in your home with sweet memories
  • You want to develop a skill that could make you some extra cash on the side! (more tips on this in the BONUS!)

Your camera is a TOOL, not a decoration.

It’s for those moments like, Um woah, I can’t even, is this MY real life?

I don’t want you to miss out on getting the most of this crazy life we get to call OURS.


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Course content:

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