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There is greater demand for retouchers now more than ever, yet the lack of business and pricing information leaves many photographers and retouchers unsure of how to price for retouching, how to estimate and bid on commercial jobs, and how to communicate with clients and ask the right questions. This lack of confidence and understanding of the business of retouching leaves many photographers and retouchers burning themselves out, losing time and money throughout multiple rounds of unnecessary revisions.

In this comprehensive business tutorial, commercial retouchers Sef McCullough and Earth Oliver unpack their proven business workflow and strategies from client inquiry to final delivery. You will first build a foundational knowledge of the retouching industry, then follow along through a case study of a real life commercial retouching job as Sef writes emails to clients and assesses, estimates, prices, and bids on a project from start to finish.

Then take your knowledge of the business of retouching and join Sef and Earth as they talk with other working pros of the industry including professional retouchers Lisa Carney, Jordan Hartley, and Peter Hunner, and photographers Clay Cook and Rob Grimm. We’ve never put so many industry pros in one tutorial!

Throughout the tutorial you will learn:

  • The Retouching Industry and Retoucher Personas
  • How To Start A Business and What It Takes To Be A Retoucher
  • What Gear You Need To Be A Retoucher
  • The Industry Language and Standards of Commercial Retouchers
  • How To Communicate with Commercial Clients
  • How To Price for Retouching
  • How To Bid on Commercial Jobs
  • How To Create Formal Bids and Work Agreements
  • Business Strategies to Maximize Profits and Minimize Revisions
  • And Much More

Included Documents:

  • Retoucher’s Gear List
    • Everything retouchers need to get started and stay competitive
  • Business Workflow Guide
    • A start-to-finish roadmap for communicating, pricing, bidding, and producing commercial jobs
  • Client Questionnaire
    • Everything you need to ask clients to accurately price and bid jobs
  • Job Calculation Worksheet
    • A tried and true formula for pricing ANY retouching job
  • Sample Formal Work Agreement
    • A working template to use for commercial retouching jobs


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Course content:

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