Jimmy Mcintyre – The Art of Digital Blending Master A Professional Photography Workflow | File Size  2.0 GB| Free download

Biggest selling course for advancing photographers. Learn to digitally blend stunning images using a non-destructive workflow in PS. No plugins needed!

More than 2.5 hours of fast paced, luminosity mask training. The course is scripted so that every sentence is designed to teach you advanced luminosity masks. There is no waffle – just effective learning from the first moment.

12 Videos, Part 1 has 5 videos, starting with the absolute basics, to how to create luminosity masks, how to make specific adjustments, and then onto a full Milky Way workflow. Part 2 teaches advanced exposure blending, starting with which exposure to create the masks on, which masks to use in the blending process, and how many exposures you need. Then we move onto 5 full digital blending workflows that will teach you everything you need to know about how to create stunning images with luminosity masks.


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Course content: https://www.shutterevolve.com/luminosity-masks-tutorials-digital-blending-course/

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