The Art of Deep Listening — Udemy — Published 1/2021 — Free download

How to improve your deep listening skills to build relationships and trust

What you’ll learn

  • how to develop a deep listening mindset by listening with purpose, understanding and empathy
  • how to be an effective leader by using deep listening skills
  • how to bring a diversity of thoughts and ideas to the conversation
  • to implement strategies to listen with purpose, understanding and empathy
  • to implement strategies to practise and reflect on your listening skills
  • how to build better trust and stronger relationships


  • a willingness to develop a deep listening mindset


With the experiences we have all had of living through a pandemic, communication skills have become increasingly important, especially so in remote work settings and in our private lives. Listening is the forgotten communication skill, but arguably, the most important. It is a crucial part of our ability to engage and communicate with others. Listening deeply, however, takes this skill set up a level. So, if you would like to build relationships by creating trust and mutual understanding and by bringing a diversity of thoughts and ideas to the conversation, then enroll for this course.

This course consists of four sections, and it starts off with the benefits of developing your deep listening skills. You will then identify good and bad listening habits in yourself and others, which you need to do before you proceed with practicing deep listening skills. The course then takes you through strategies to practice and improve your skills to listen with purpose, understanding and, most importantly, empathy.

I designed this course for those who want to develop a deep listening mindset as a gamechanger, whether professionally or privately, or both. Good listening skills are rare, and so they need to be practiced and developed. As you develop your listening with purpose, understanding and empathy, you will start to build better trust and stronger relationships.

I am Sonja Vandeleur. I am an experienced thinking skills teacher, a trainer, a TEDx speaker and author. I have a PhD in education. I have headed the Cognitive Education Department at an independent school for over a decade, developing the program and training teachers, both at the school and internationally. My passion and interest is on the impact of thinking skills on our academic, professional and private lives.

By enrolling for this course, you can bring about real and meaningful change. You will experience how listening deeply will make you more curious and it will open up the world around you. Listening deeply is a sign of respect and it will enrich both your life and the lives of others. I look forward to engaging with you in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • anyone who wants to develop their deep listening skills
  • anyone who wants to build trust and stronger relationships
  • anyone in a leadership position
  • thought leaders
  • teachers and lecturers
  • professionals


The Art of Deep   (download)
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Course Content:

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