CreativeLive – The Adventure Workshop by Alex Strohl | File Size 12.8 GB | Free download

Take A Step From Enthusiast To Professional Photographer

Alex Strohl brings his Adventure Photography Workshop to CreativeLive to explain his approach to photography, editing and the sometimes overwhelming but super important business side of things. In this workshop- Alex takes you on a journey through his shooting process, developing your own style, editing your images and then strategies to get yourself noticed and grow your career.

You’ll learn:

  • Basics of camera techniques and making memorable images
  • Developing your own workflow and style
  • Getting noticed and working with brands
  • Taking action to accelerate your career

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Alex_Strohl_Adventure_Workshop.part2.rar   (download)
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Alex_Strohl_Adventure_Workshop.part3.rar   (download)
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Alex_Strohl_Adventure_Workshop.part4.rar   (download)
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Alex_Strohl_Adventure_Workshop.part5.rar   (download)
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Alex_Strohl_Adventure_Workshop.part6.rar   (download)
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Alex_Strohl_Adventure_Workshop.part6.rar   (download)
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Course content:

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Hello, can you upload the part 7? There are 2 part 6


Hello, can you upload the part 7? There are 2 part 6


Hey! Can you upload The Method to a Successful (and Fulfilling) Photography Career workshop ??


I found out that if you use this link you get the part 7 :