In this share, we will publish “The Adventure Pro” By Alex Strohl for FREE Download!

The course has been designed by Alex Strohl’s work, go through this course, you’ll consistently find one thing: his photos make you feel something. And whatever this something may be for you — awe, grandeur, perspective, joy — each photo is created with intention. You can find him in remote corners of the world with capturing photos – blurring the lines of work and life. Let’s find out more information from here:

Download “The Adventure Pro” By Alex Strohl

To watch all videos smoothly, VLC is recommended.

  • Intro (Jun 21, 2020)
1. Workshop Intro.mp4  (30.19 MB)
AdventureProWorkbook-200127-101716.pdf  (1.13 MB)
  • Foundations (Jun 26, 2020)
10. Building Your Story.mp4  (105.20 MB)
11. Shooting More – Action Plan.mp4  (32.60 MB)
12. Conveying Emotions.mp4  (122.13 MB)
2. Gear.mp4  (186.27 MB)
3. Gear – My Camera Bags.mp4  (139.07 MB)
4. Mastering Camera Settings.mp4  (128.09 MB)
5. Blue Hour, A How-To.mp4  (187.03 MB)
6. Photos That Move Us.mp4  (117.71 MB)
7. Visual Storytelling 101.mp4  (119.67 MB)
8. Endurance.mp4  (105.82 MB)
9. Keeping Your Ideas Fresh.mp4  (139.98 MB)
  • In the Field (July 05, 2020)
13. The Assignment – Himalaya Pre-Pro.mp4  (183.20 MB)
14. In the Field- The Defender Shoot.mp4  (342.41 MB)
15. The Assignment Canon Pre-Pro.mp4  (165.48 MB)
16. In the Field- Shooting for Canon.mp4  (277.00 MB)
  • Editing (July 06, 2020)
17. Keywords & Organizing Images.mp4  (98.74 MB)
18. Commercial Grading.mp4  (35.17 MB)
19. Masking & Radial Filters.mp4  (83.31 MB)
20. Perspective Correction.mp4  (43.09 MB)
21. HDR (Hand-Held).mp4  (23.93 MB)
22. Black & White Edits.mp4  (42.46 MB)
23. Before & Afters.mp4  (12.44 MB)
24. Moody Grading.mp4  (83.02 MB)
25. IG Export Settings.mp4  (21.70 MB)
26. Web Export Settings.mp4  (16.38 MB)
27. Clone Stamping.mp4  (57.38 MB)
28. Grading in Lightroom.mp4  (45.06 MB)
29. Hand-Held Panoramas.mp4  (30.12 MB)
30. Radial Filters Pt 2.mp4  (19.84 MB)
31. Delivering Files to Clients.mp4  (99.55 MB)
32. Backups.mp4  (182.89 MB)
33. My Favorite Software.mp4  (60.43 MB)
  • Business (July 13, 2020)
34. Lets Talk Business.mp4  (18.25 MB)
35. Building A Desirable Portfolio.mp4  (226.53 MB)
36. How to Contact Clients.mp4  (173.21 MB)
37. Prospecting – Finding Brands That Fit You.mp4  (75.57 MB)
38. Getting Clients To See Our Value.mp4  (174.43 MB)
39. Paid to Travel the World.mp4  (217.15 MB)
40. The Art of Making Moodboards & Treatments.mp4  (125.53 MB)
41. Keys To A Fulfilling Career.mp4  (133.25 MB)
42. Things You Need To Know Before Pitching.mp4  (112.69 MB)
43. Finding Your Value Prop.mp4  (130.12 MB)
44. Media Kit – A Walk Through.mp4  (88.84 MB)
45. How I Built My Audience.mp4  (131.72 MB)
46. Social Media Landscape.mp4  (135.51 MB)
47. Module Recap.mp4  (55.45 MB)
  • Bonus – Everything To Know About Filters
Do You Need Lens Filters?.mp4  (144.48 MB)
Filters in The Field.mp4  (196.61 MB)
  • Bonus – Find Your Path
Find Your Path.mp4   (download)
  • Bonus – How To Print Your Work
Preparing Photos for Print.mp4  (57.04 MB)
Reviewing Major U.S Printers.mp4  (124.52 MB)
Why Print or Sell Photos.mp4  (227.29 MB)

The course has been updated fully so far.

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Thanks a lot for uploading this course.
there is some kind of problem with audio in 2. Gear.mp4.
and unfortunately videos are not smooth.


Any plan for uploading the rest


Any update on this? 🙂

Sushil raj21

I’m still waiting for this full course to be uploaded. Admin , It would be highly appreciate if you could upload all this course as soon as possible. Thankyou.


Unfortunately all videos except the intro is unwatchable. The videos stutter back and forth and the audio is messed up on some.


Since I don’t have access to the course site I don’t know the format of it, but what usually works if m3u8 playlists are used is to use e.g. Chrome dev tools to watch for network traffic, find the m3u8 playlist link, then use VLC to open that as network stream and save to disk. Let me know if that works, or if you need any other suggestions.

RevealingPhoto is what I use to download videos. It will parse out the video at different resolutions that are available.


Still waiting on the rest of the course 🙁
Please upload asap


give me an email and I will send it to you.


Stream Video Downloader for google chrome works best for streaming video sites in highest quality.

Please upload the rest of the course and i can convert to fix any stuttering that was mentioned. or redownload with the extension i mentioned above and upload the whole course to a zip file.

Thank you for your hard work


Any news on this? still waiting 🙁


please please please upload the rest of this course.
been waiting for almost 2 weeks now 🙁
upload the whole thing in one zip file.



been waiting for two weeks for the this course. please upload the rest 🙁


Where’s the rest of the course?
Could you please upload the rest


Please please please upload the rest of this course. it’s been awhile and im still waiting


Some downloads says

You need to commit “2 Years Premium plan” or higher premmium plan to download this file.

Whats up with that?


If you want people to pay you should at least provide the whole course as well as videos that doesn’t stutter and have bad quality. It’s fairly easy to download these videos perfectly with e.g. VLC as mentioned earlier.


Sent you an email


I don’t know the contents of the other persons email, but my email before the @ is 16 letters where stuff is repeated twice.
Also, the 6th word on the second line in the email is “need”.
Hope this helps in identifying it.


Thanks for uploading more.
Please don’t forget about this and upload the rest as soon as possible. thank you 🙂


Audio won’t play on the videos 🙁


I used VLC for the videos and the audio doesnt work still.
i havent checked all the videos yet, but track 2 (Gear) definately doesnt have any sound


I just bought 2 years sub last week and my account still free status. Can you help me admin?


same here! upgraded my 1 year with additional 2 years… doesn’t work!


Did send you an email from my sundryshare account mail!


Any news about this topic?


i waited forever for you to upload more of this course and now its telling me i need to buy a premium membership for some of the downloads? wtf?
please upload them and the rest of the course withouth that nonsense or i will never use your site again.


please upload the rest of the course and put the whole thing in a zip without making us buy a premium. you’ve made everyone wait long enough


could you just wrap all the files and make into different parts? its so many files to download and some of the files only allows you to download if you have 2 year subscription .


any chance of getting/uploading Strohl’s newest course “How to Become a Freelance Photographerif you can get it and upload it, it would be greatly appreciated 🙂


Why are the files from 27 to 33 missing?


files 27-33 missing. Also I purchased premium but the download speed is very very very low!


my downloads are very very slow.. and I paid de premium on sundryshare…. some tip?


Hoping you fix as soon as possible I have been trying to download a file over the last 4 days and no luck


 You need to commit “2 Years (pay My Internet Charges) Premium plan” or higher premmium plan to download this file. what i do now🤔