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Develop Arduino technical tools which then result in helping communicate, move, interact, measure and detect.

What will you gain in this course?

  • You can be more familiar with the uses of communications technologies such as Wifi, BLE and radio.
  • It will be more able to use servo, DC and stepper motors with numerous controllers.
  • After this course, you can use easily LCD, OLED and TFT screens with buttons and interface touching.
  • It will be much easier to store data in external storage, namely SD Cards and EEPROM, and more …


  • Basic knowledge of the Arduino.
  • You need to get a duplicate of the Arduino IDE.
  • It should be necessary for you to write simple sketches.
  • It is necessary to build small circuits on a breadboard.
  • Can use basically tools, like a multimeter, a breadboard, wires, and so forth.

Download Tech Explorations™ Arduino Step By Step Getting Serious

Course name: Tech Explorations™ Arduino Step By Step Getting Serious
Official source: Udemy
Authors: Dr. Peter Dalmaris
Last updated: 9/2018
Total size: 12.90 GB
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