Teaching Video – Working With Awake And Older Newborns — Erin Elizabeth — Free download

Working with newborns over the age of 4 weeks can be a bit daunting.  They are more alert and awake, bigger and more wriggly, and also more easily awakened and unsettled.  Oftentimes parents don’t realise that most newborn sessions take place so early on, and don’t think to book anything in until their baby is several weeks old.  Using the techniques provided in this video, you can open up your business to this lucrative market and potential for higher sales.

In this 30 minute video, Erin offers detailed demonstrations for working with newborns aged 4-8 weeks.  Whether they are wide awake, asleep, a little unsettled, or anything in between, Erin shows you how to create beautiful and variety-filled galleries for your older newborn clients.  This video is provided as an instant download in both high and low resolution, to be viewed over and over from the comfort of your own home.

Watch Erin work with older newborns of varying age and size, creating stunning setups from start to finish.  Create seamless transitions, so that you can fill your galleries with variety with minimal impact on baby.   Witness these step-by-step techniques in a video that you can watch over and over, until you are confident and armed with invaluable strategies for working with awake and older newborns in your own sessions.

If you are a photographer new to newborn sessions, or an experienced newborn photographer looking to expand your business to offer older newborn sessions or develop new techniques for working with awake or unsettled babies, this video is the perfect solution for you.


Erin_Elizabeth_Teaching_Video_Working_With_Awake_And_Older_Newborns…   (download)
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Course content: https://erinelizabeth.com/product/working-awake-older-newborns/

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