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This composite is more abstract which is a little different than what I usually do.

I gathered some stock images to create the background and to add other graphics to the composite. All stock images and the subject were already cut out which makes it much easier to place the images in the composite and saves time.

When placing images that are smaller, I made sure I zoomed into the graphics because I had a little bit more control over them. I noticed that many of the stock images came with shadows, but in the tutorial, you’ll see that I removed them to make the composite look put together.

The most challenging part of the composite was putting the subject’s reflection in the mirror. Having her arm come out of the mirror and her reflection required a lot of masking. This was the part that made me think the composite reflected something out of a dream.

Before I started with my global adjustments, I made sure to walk away from the composite for a while because I like to give my eyes a refresh before I say I’m completely done with the composite.

By making the global edits I made the composite much more moody and dramatic. In the tutorial, you’ll see how I made the composite look much more like an illustration and add adjustments that emphasized the texture on her dress and on the rock.

This composite was so exciting to make because I loved seeing how the end result came to be.


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Course content: https://www.taralesher.com/blog/sweet-dream-composite

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